Gruppo Strola was founded in the mid-nineteenth century as a foundry specializing in the production of castings of light alloys. After the First World War, with the application of national patents, turns his productions addressing itself to the realization of artistic castings in the building sector. After the Second World War resumed its activities aimed at manufacturing of light alloys and stainless parts. For almost thirty years in the field of light metal carpentry it is now mainly engaged in the manufacturing of filtration devices, with a long experience in the field.

Thanks to many project accomplished in Italy and around the world, and in a constant search for best technical solutions, produces concrete solutions against chemical hazards in the laboratory.

The Gruppo Strola as a manufacturer, performs totally the manufacturing processes of its products and is present directly on the European and world market with a range of products certified to the standards of the leading countries.


Customer satisfaction and the search for solutions to laboratory safety have always been our strengths and our daily commitment.

We offer our customers all the skills available to create around their needs clear answers and concrete solutions.