Special set-up of a S-Series ducted fume cupboard designed to meet the specific needs of the user in order to have free access to heights greater than 50cm on devices placed within the working area of the hood and subject to release of toxic substances from their lower part. This special equipment includes the presence of a lower working chamber made according to the construction features of the standard S-Series hoods: CAV (constant-ait-volume) operating technology with upper bypass grille and side panels in 3+3 PVB safety glass The internal back-baffle has been made in epoxy-polyester powder-coated steel and equipped with particular calibrated slots to obtain a partial down-flow suction directly from the work surface.

The worktop was made in AISI304 stainless steel and equipped with a under-top sink with support grid made in removable partitions for cleaning operations.

Finally the frontal sash is counterweighted and equipped with N.3 tempered glass panels horizontal sliding to allow best working opening modularity keeping at the same time the best containment as possible.

The fume cupboard operates after connection to the laboratory ventilation system and is supplied with a low-air-flow-alarm factory tested.

  • Upper frame made in Fe37 epoxy-polyester coated colour RAL7035
  • Aluminium extruded uprights epoxy-polyester coated colour RAL7015 made with highly aerodinamic efficiency
  • Internal back and top baffle made in rolled steel epoxy-polyester coated with especially designed slots to ensure best pollutants capturing
  • AISI304 stainless steel worktop with grid surface and down-flow-suction equipped with under-top sink for wasting/washing-fluids collection
  • Lateral panels made in 3+3 PVB safety glass
  • Counterweighted frontal sash with horizontal sliding tempere glass panels
  • Illuminazione interna con 980Lux sul piano di lavoro
  • Internal lighting able to ensure 980Lux on the worktop
  • CEI64.2 IP44 electrical system with 1.5A magneto-thermic switch for lamp switch on/off and remote-fan start-signal sending
  • CAV (constant air volume) operating principle
  • Acoustic and visual low-air-flow alarm (requirement EN14174-2)
  • 250mm diameter exhaust manifold