collective protection device - dispositivi di protezione collettiva


Bench-top filtration fume cupboard
dimensions 800/1200mm

  • Ext. width (mm)800 | 1200
  • Int. width (mm)792| 1192
  • Ext. depth (mm)749
  • Int. depth (mm)637
  • Ext. height1179mm
  • Int. height724 mm
  • Opening width722 | 1122
  • Opening heightfixed 293 (service 625)
  • Face velocity0.4-0.6 m/s
  • Portata max. (m3/hr)414 | 644
  • Sound pressure<60dBA
  • Weight, filters excluded (kg)76 | 95

The ES-Series filtration fume cupboard represent the comprehensive and advanced range of safety cabinets to protect laboratory personnel and the environment from toxic chemicals released during handling of harmful chemicals within laboratory applications. Thanks to the its own embedded filtration system allows the protection of personnel without the need of any complex ventilation system and energy wasting for air renewal. They are compact and smart and suitable for tight spaces

These fume cupboards are available within two versions:

  • Disassembled: flapacked, ready to be assembled on site within 40′. This allow to easily reach installation sites not provided with elevator, wide aisle or suitable spaces for moving packed goods
  • Assembled: packed on euro-pallet and ready-to-use

It features

  • Several specific activated carbon types for different applications
  • Pre-filtration through dust-prefilter M6 class to prevent premature saturation of the main filters
  • Internal back baffle with optimized design
  • Electromechanical hour-counter for  the right management of the maintenance operations
  • Low-air flow alarm
  • Two different dimension available: 800-1200mm wide
  • Functional flexibility tanks to the possibility to connect directly the fume cupboard to an existing ventilation system (hybrid solution: DUCTED + FILTERED)
  • CE marking according to:
    • 2006/42 EEC: Machinery Directive
    • 2006/95 EEC: Low Voltage Directive (50-1000 V)
    • 2004/108 EEC: Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
    • EN 61010-1: 2013: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use (classification CEI 66.5)
  • Epoxy/polyester coated RAL7035 frame
  • Stainless steel AISI304 worktop
  • Transparent hinged metacrylate frontal panels
  • IP44-CEI64.2 electrical system with magnetothermic switch protection
  • Brushless EC centrifugal blower 220V-IP44
  • Sound pressure level below 60dBA
  • 150mm diameter manifold for air exhausting and ventilation-system connection (ES800)
  • 250mm diameter manifold for air exhausting and ventilation-system connection (ES1200)
  • Epoxy/polyester coated base-stand with or without under-bench key-loched stoarge cabinet
  • Pivoting wheels kit for base-stand
  • Ventilation system for under-bench storage cabinet
  • Polypropylene worktop
  • Drip-cup for waste-fluid collecting
  • Electrical sockets
  • Gas & Water services with remote control
  • Delivery & Waste process fluid system
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