GS-Serie ductless fume cupboard: full-height 'Walk-In'


Ductless walk-in fume cupboard designed for devices enclosure. Equipped with counterweighted frontal sash, multiple-speed-steps blower speed and horizontal slinding panels to allow working-opening modularity ensuring at same time best containment.


GS-Series ductless fume cupboard: 'Down-flow-suction' worktop

Bench-top ductless fume cupboard for handling of powders samples. Equipped with stainless steel worktop with down-flow suction, embedded sink for powder’s residual washing, counterweighted frontal sash and multiple-speed-step blower.


GS-Seris ductless fume cupboard: base-stand-only 'Walk-In'

Special outfitting of a GS-Series ductless fume cupboard for devices enclosure which have working height above 90cmm only and at risk of toxic chemicals releasing. Perfect solution for enclosing devices such tissue-processor commonly used within anathomy/pathology/hystology labs.


S-Series ducted fume cupboard: 'Down-flow-suction worktop+Horiz.& Vert. sliding sash'


Special outfitting of a S-Series ducted fume cupboard designed around user’s requirement to allow free access within the working area at enclosed devices with working height above 50cm but at same time at risk of releasing toxics in its lower part. The presence of a down-flow-suction worktop and a counterweighted vertical-sliding frontal sash with horizontal sling panels allow to modulate the working opening ensuring the best containment as possibile.