collective protection device - dispositivi di protezione collettiva


Grossing workstation (anatomical/pathology labs)
width 1200/1500/1800mm

  • Ext. width (mm)1200 | 1500 | 1800
  • Int. width (mm)1142 | 1442 | 1742
  • Ext. depth (mm)750
  • Int. depth (mm)590
  • Ext. height (mm)2406
  • Int. height. (mm)790
  • Opening width (mm)980 | 1280 | 1580
  • Opening height (mm)80-380 (service up to 650)
  • Face velocity (m/s)0.4-0.6
  • Max. flow rate. (m3/hr) 737 | 963 | 1188
  • Sound pressure (dBA)56

The GS-Series filtration fume cupboards can be provided in ST version (grossing workstation) representing the most comprehensive and advanced range of safety cabinets to protect laboratory personnel and the environment from toxic chemicals released during handling of harmful chemicals within anatomical pathology laboratories. Thanks to the its own embedded filtration system allows the protection of personnel without the need of any complex ventilation system and energy wasting for air renewal. It can equip one or more activated carbon filters for vapors retention (filter specific for formaldehyde retention available) or absolute filters for particles (HEPA H14 or ULPA U17). Combination of different types of filters can be equipped as well,  in order to enanche the retention capability in accordance to user’s needs. In compliance with BS and EN Standards and international health & safety regulations.

It features:

  • High containment factor ensured by an especially designed aerodynamic, tested to EN14175-3 and EN14175-6 at 0.3m7s and 0.5m/s face velocity from authorized body
  • High efficient activated carbon filtration system, BS7989:2001 certified with specific tests against isopropyl alcool, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and formaldehyde showing a 99% filtration efficiency
  • Absolute particles filter availability HEPA classe H14 (99.995% @ 0,3 µm-Rif. EN1822:2009)
  • Pre-filtration through dust-prefilter M6 class to prevent premature saturation of the main filters
  • Air-tight plenum that guarantees zero leakages
  • Counterweighted sliding front and lateral panels made with laminated safety glass (3+3 PVB) that ensure high chemical resistance and durability
  • Variable speed embedded fan according to frontal sash position (VAV system – variable air volume)
  • Internal IP65 lighting wiith 1000lux capability
  • Thress sizes availability: 1200/1500/1800 mm widths

Functional flexibility

The whole GS-Series fume cupboard range can work within three different modes:

  • R-MODE: 100% recycle mode. The fume cupboard is equipped with filtration system and fan and recycle lab-air without affectin the ventilation system of the lab
  • FE S/M-MODE: filtration+exhaust mode with embedded fan. The fume cupboard is equipped with filtration system and fan and works exhausting the air thorugh a duct collard in a exhausting-pipe using on-board fan but keeping at the same time the filtration system on board. This solution simplifies the installazion of the unit as no remote-fan is required.
  • FE C/M-MODE: filtration+exhaust mode with remote fan. The fume cupboard is equipped with filtration system and works exhausting the air thorugh a duct collard in a exhausting-pipe using a frequency-conveter-controlled fan but keeping at the same time the filtration system on board. This solution allow to fit installation-sites where long-exhausting pipes are present. According to exhaust-system layout the fume cupboard can even be equipepd with a parzialization valve.

Hybrid solution are even available such as the connection of the fume cupboard to an exhasting system using a thimble and secondary remote blower.

CE marking

  • 2006/42/UE Machinery Directive
  • 2014/35/UE Low Voltage Directive (50-1000 V)
  • 2014/30/UE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
  • 2011/65/UE ROHS Directive

According to following standards:

  • EN 61010-1: 2013: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use (classification CEI 66.5)


The 1.5mm thickness AISI304 stainless steel worktop is equipped with:

  • wide cutting area with undermount fluid-recovery sink equipped with water nozzles for wasting fluids washing
  • sink with hot/cold water tap equipped with pneumatic-electrically controlled macerator
  • drip-cup for exhausted formalin recovery equipped with waste-filter, cap and swanneck fresh-formalin foot-controlled spigot
  • underbench closed storage cabinet with retractable drawer for formalin tanks
  • fresh-formalin supply system with 12V-DC pump and foot control and level sensor on carboy with acoustic and visual alarm

The frontal sash is counterweighted and can be manually moved. Electrical handling available as optional.

The control panel of the fume cupboard (TIMELOG) allow a real-time showing of  main functional parameters such as:

  • air face velocity and exhausting flow rate
  • residual time to next filter or prefilter replacement/control (two different timers)
  • working opening height
  • air temperature
  • warming-up cycle with self-testing routint of the prefilter saturation level

The TIMELOG allow the showing of the following alarms:

  • air face velocity below the safety-threshold
  • working opening height above maximum
  • air-temperature beyond maximum level for a good absorption capacity
  • expired filter/prefilter estimated lifetime


The whole range of filtration fume cupboard GS-Series ST-execution has been designed, manufactured and certified following the prescriptions of the best international standards:

  • BS7258:1994 – Laboratory fume cupboards: specification for safety and performance
    Containment and face air-velocity test
  • BS7989:2001 – Specification for recirculatory filtration fume cupboards
    Retention capacity and efficiency test of the activated carbon filtration system installed on a recirculating fume cupboard. The reference chemicals used within this standard are: isopropyl alcohol, ammonia, formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide
  • ANSI/ASHRAE110:1995 – Method of Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods
    Containment and face air-velocity test
  • DIN 12924
    Containment test with use of SF6 tracer gas
  • EN14175-2: 2003: Fume cupboards: safety and performance requirement
    design specifications such as to ensure proper operation and adequate worker safety
  • EN14175-3: 2006: Fume cupboards: type test methods
    Containment test with use of SF6 tracer gas at fixed working opening
  • EN14175-6: 2019: Fume cupboards: type test methods
    Containment test with use of SF6 tracer gas at variable air volume condition


  • RAL 7035 coloured epoxy-powder coated rolled steel frame (stainless steel AISI3040 frame availability)
  • RAL7015 coloured epoxy-powder coated aluminium aerodynamic shaped uprights
  • Internal back and soffit baffle made in HPL antiacid laminate
  • AISI304 stainless steel worktop
  • Frontal counterweighted sliding sash with double-rope suspension made with 3+3 PVB safety glass
  • Lateral panel made with 3+3 PVB safety glass
  • Electrical system IP44 with magneto-thermic switch protection
  • Embedded fan electronically controlled
  • GS1200: power supply 220V-50Hz-450W
  • GS1500/GS1800: power supply 220V-50Hz-560W
  • Exhausting system connection through 250mm diameter manifold


  • UV-Light removable system for internal chamber sterilization. Sterilization-cycle management directly available on the TIMELOG system
  • Electrical sockets
  • Magnetic rack for surgical instruments
  • Magnifying lens with LED lamp
  • Lateral or back-baffle-installed shelf
  • Under-sink closed storage cabinet
  • Underbench closed storage cabinet for solid waste bin with direct access from worktop
  • Full integration availability of imaging system
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