Within many laboratory applications liquid-phase toxic chemicals are daily used. Released vapors, in a different way according to chemical-physical properties and mode of use, must be contained to protect operators from risk of inhalation. All collective protection devices designed and manufactured by Gruppo Strola such as fume cupboards, storage cabinet and down-flow benches are equipped with the best solutions to contain and retain the toxic substances manipulated within.


Molecules released within the working area of the fume cupboard are contained thanks to an air flow entering that prevents the leakage as well as to be breathed accidentally by the operators. Thanks to the presence of specially designed and validated aerodynamic edges the containment action is optimal, without sacrificing comfort and ergonomics of use.

Schema flussi cappa chimica 1

To effectively and efficiently capture the evaporated molecules avoiding any possible delays between the instant of release and that of capture by the air flow. Thanks to the presence of the internal back-baffle all our products ensure the presence of a horizontal air flow that protects the operator and ensures the effective uptake of the vapors directly at the origin.

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Our filtration safety devices such as recirculating fume cupboard are equipped with high efficiency filtration unit capable of retaining high amounts of toxic substances and without any release. The filters life-time is mostly important to be able to enjoy a proper return of the investment over time.

The filtration system installed on our fume cupboard, storage cabinets and down-flow benches are fully adaptable to the needs of use.
The modularity is made possible thanks to the use of different thicknesses of filters (100mm, 60mm and 40mm) and type of activated carbons that ensuring different retention capacities ,according to the type of use:

  • C100: specific for organic solvents and suitable for general uses
  • C200: specific for formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde vapors
  • C300: specific to ammonia vapors and amines
  • C400: specific for acid vapors

Some examples of available layouts are provided below.

Frequence of use:
100% organic solvents

Filtration unit layout

  • 1x C100/B1 filter

Frequence of use:
80% organic solvents + 20% inorganic acids

Filtration unit layout:

  • 1x C100/B1 filter
  • 1x C100/B4 filter

Frequence of use:
80% ammonia solution+ 20% organic solvents

Filtration unit layout:

  • 1x C300/B1 filter
  • 1x C100/B6 filter
Our solutions for liquids handling

High performance filtration fume cupboard available in four dimensions 1000/1200/1500/1800. Highly customizable with different accessories. Usable with or without an exhausting connection, but with embedded filters.


Compact and easy-to-use filtration fume cupboard available in two dimensions 800/1200mm. Designed to fit the need of installation within laboratories with logistical constrains such small aisles, narrow stairs or no elevator availability. Usable with or without an exhausting connection, but with embedded filters.


Bench-top filtration fume cupboard suitable for small available space (800mm wide only) or for chemical handling not frequently performed for which small worktop is enough. Usable with or without an exhausting connection, but with embedded filters.


Mobile recirculating fume cupboard, easily movable where protection against harmful chemicals is needed. Its 360° visibility makes it the best choice for applications such as school labs. Even daily used within industry processes for the protection of the operator against harmful concentration of toxic chemicals released during applications such as glueing of parts. Usable without an exhausting connection thanks to its embedded filters.


Ducted fume cupboard available in four dimensions 1000/1200/1500/1800 working with an exsting ventilation system. CAV (constant-air-volume) type fume cupboard that does not need any complex control system. They feature high reliability and durability. Highly customizable through many available accessories and dimension personalization to best fit user’s need.


Ducted fume cupboard available in three different width 1200/1500/1800 and with two different depth 750/800. Working with an existing ventilation system. They are totally made using polypropylene so they are especially indicated for highly-aggressive acid handling operations. CAV (constant-air-volume) type fume cupboard that does not need any complex ventilation system control, they feature high availability and durability.