Special set-up of a GS-Series ductless fume cupboard designed on specific request of the user. Dedicated to the handling of powdery samples typical of the preparation operations of soil samples. The special equipment includes the presence of a working chamber totally made in AISI304 stainless steel such as to avoid, due to the electrical conductivity of the material, the electrostatic adhesion of the dust particles released during handling. The addition of a lower dow-flow suction  on the worktop makes it possible to have the work surface always free of dispersed particulates. If the need to guarantee an execution with total absence of surface adhesion caused by electrostatic force is not a fundamental requirement, it is possible to make the hood in a traditional way with internal paneling in painted steel and side windows.

This set-up include also the presence of an under-top sink, which is located under the suction grids, which allows, through the use of a detachable showerhead, to easily decontaminate the coarser particulate that inevitably can not be captured by the flow entering the fume cupboard  due to their high weight.

Equipped with embedded filtration system, it allows the protection of personnel without the need of any complex ventilation systems for channeling the air outside of the building. Filters for powders or vapors or combinations of these can be installed to allow the hood to be suitable for any use.

If necessary, the fume cupboard can also be ducted on an existing system through an exhausting manifold installed on the external upper cover but mantaining at same time the embedded filtration system. In this condition the blower present on the fume cupbaord is able to work with a limited channel length to be evaluated at the time of request.

  • Upper frame made in Fe37 epoxy-polyester coated colour RAL7035
  • Aluminium extruded uprights epoxy-polyester coated colour RAL7015 made with highly aerodinamic efficiency
  • AISI304 stainless steel working area equipped with internal back-baffles especially designed
  • Counterweighted frontal sash made in safety glass 3+3 PVB
  • AISI304 stainless steel worktop with grid surface and down-flow-suction equipped with under-top sink for wasting/washing-fluids collection
  • CEI64.2 IP44 electrical system with magneto-thermic switch
  • Three-steps-speed electronically controlled blower triggered by sash movement
  • Availability of emergency button to engage maximum blower speed on request
  • 250mm diameter exhaust manifold