collective protection device - dispositivi di protezione collettiva


Bench-top filtration fume cupboard
800mm wide

  • Ext. dimensions800x727x1150 mm
  • Working opening730 x min.140/max.292 mm
  • Face velocity0.4-0.6 m/s
  • Max. flow rate422 m3/hr
  • Sound pressure<60 dBA
  • Weight, excluded filter72 kg
  • Int. dimensions790x635x690 mm

The GS800 filtration fume cupboard is a safety cabinets to protect laboratory personnel and the environment from toxic chemicals released during high-precision weighting operations.

It features:

  • No need of  any complex ventilation system to exhausting air
  • Pre-filtration through dust-prefilter M6 class to prevent premature saturation of the main filters
  • Two different absolute particles filter availability: HEPA classe H14 or ULPA classe U17
  • Several specific activated carbon types for different applications
  • Air-tight plenum that guarantees zero leakages
  • CE marking according to:
    • 2006/42 EEC: Machinery Directive
    • 2006/95 EEC: Low Voltage Directive (50-1000 V)
    • 2004/108 EEC: Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
    • EN 61010-1: 2013: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use (classification CEI 66.5)

The GS800 is available within two versions:

  • STANDARD: equipped with hour-counter, low-air flow alarm and  two-steps (min/max) adjustable blower velocity triggered by the opening of the frontal panel
  • BASE: equipped with hour-counter, low-air flow alarm and fixed-speed blower
  • Epoxy/polyester coated RAL7035 frame
  • Stainless steel AISI304 worktop
  • Transparent hinged metacrylate frontal panels
  • IP44-CEI64.2 electrical system with magnetothermic switch protection
  • Brushless EC centrifugal blower 220V-70W-IP44 (STANDARD version only)
  • Fixed-speed centrifugal blower 220V-242W-IP44 (BASE version only)
  • 160mm diameter manifold for air exhausting and ventilation-system connection
  • Epoxy/polyester coated base-stand with or without under-bench key-loched stoarge cabinet
  • Pivoting wheels kit for base-stand
  • Ventilation system for under-bench storage cabinet
  • Anti-vibration base-stand for high-precision weighting
  • Air-flow stand-by for high precision weighting
  • Polypropylene worktop
  • Drip-cup for waste-fluid collecting
  • Electrical sockets
  • Gas & Water services with remote control
  • Delivery & Waste process fluid system
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