collective protection device - dispositivi di protezione collettiva

AP-BS Series

Chemical/findings storage cabinet
available dimension 1000/1200mm

  • Ext. width (mm)1000 | 1200
  • Int. width (mm)998 | 1198
  • Ext. depth (mm)653
  • Ext. height (mm)1950
  • Int. height (mm)1343
  • Opening width (mm) - PB version772 | 972
  • Opening height (mm) - PB version1338
  • Face velocity (m/s)0.4-0.5
  • Max. flow rate (m3/hr)929 | 1170
  • Sound pressure (dBA)<60
  • Weight filters excl. (kg)235 | 245

The AP-BS-Series of ventilated storage cabinet are ductless (filtrated) devices especially designed to storage specimen under formalin solution. Working re-circulating the laboratory-air thank to their embedded filtration systems are able to operate without affecting the air-handler unit as no extra air-renewal is required. The storage cabinet is provided to be used as a filtration device, but as it is equipped with a standard manifold for pipe connection, it can be used also as ducted device exhausting fume to the outside of the lab but  keeping at the same time the embedded filtration system in order to retain pollutants before exhausting air to the environment.

CE mark according:

  • 2006/42 EEC: Machinery directive
  • 2006/95 EEC: Low voltage directive (50/1000 Volts)
  • 2004/108 EEC: Electromagnetic compatibility device

 Standards applied:

  • CEI EN 61010-1:2013 Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement Control and Laboratory Use with IEC classification 66.5

The AP-BS-Series of filtrated storage cabinet feature:

  • External frame made in rolled steel epoxy painted (RAL7035 coloured)
  • Adjustment levelling feet
  • Four internal shelves made in high-resistance rolled steel epoxy painted with fluid containment rims (stainless steel manufactured available as option)
  • Internal bottom shelves for fluid containment made in high-resistance rolled steel epoxy painted (stainless steel manufactured available as option)
  • Specially designed internal back baffle made in rolled steel epoxy painted with dedicated openings at shelves levels to keep a constant face velocity value on every shelves
  • Airtight plenum system to ensure no-leaks at filtration system
  • Filtration system with prefiltration M6-class stage in order to preserve main filtration stage
  • Impregnated carbon filter for formaldehyde retention (HEPA-H14 safety filter installation availability)
  • Availability of 4 horizontal sliding panel made in tempered safety galss (AP-PS version) for best containment of the pollutants or 2 hinged doors with 180° opening capability and safety-glass made windows for best internal visibility (AP-BS version)
  • Two-step fan velocity triggered by the opening of frontal panels (door). This solution allow to change among a max and min value in order to ensure at the same time best containment of the pollutants released when the doors are opened and energy-cost when the doors are kept closed.
  • Not-resettable hour counter for maintenance scheduling management
  • Visual low-air-flow alarm through bicolor (green/red) light
  • High powered electronically controlled embedded fan (220/230V-50Hz monophase)
  • 5A electromagnetic switch for switching on-off with IP44 electrical protection
  • Exhaust-system connection through 250mm manifold

The whole AP-BS-Series of filtrated storage cabinets can be equipped with:

  • Internal IP65 LED lighting triggered by dedicated switch
  • Momentary adjustable muting of the acoustic-only alarms
  • User-adjustable hour counter for easily scheduling of filter-change triggering an acoustic/visual alarm
  • Acoustic/visual low air-flow-alarm (visual-only already include)
  • Door-opened acoustic/visual alarm
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